A fire alarm system could be the difference between life and death. Thus, make sure you’re covered.

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What is a fire alarm system?

As the name suggests, this is a system that both detects and warns of a fire situation within commercial and residential properties.

The requirements of this type of alarm system are dependent on the layout and use of the building but we can help you find the perfect system for your needs.

Supply and install

We can design, supply, and install the right fire alarm systems for your house or business.

All our systems are fully tested after installation. Thus, this means that you can relax,  knowing your property is protected.

Fire alarm repair

  • Alarm system not functioning properly?
  • Does your alarm keep going off?
  • Problems with alarm sensors?

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fire alarm cctv

CCTV Systems

Whether it is for your Home or Office, Morris CCTV Security Systems design and install the latest digital networking CCTV cameras and recording equipment.

CCTV systems

Access Control Systems

You can control access to your business or property with our excellent quality access control systems. Thus, you can ensure that only those people who are permitted have access to your property.

Access control

intruder alarm

Intruder Alarm Systems

With an advanced intruder alarm system, you can reduce the risk of burglary. Thus, from a simple ‘bells only’ alarms to the most sophisticated system on the market, we can provide the right system for your specific requirements.

Intruder alarms

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