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What is an intruder alarm system?

An intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorised entry to a home or business. Thus, if there is the detection of an unauthorised intrusion, the property owner receives an alert, or an alarm sounds.

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Our Wireless/Radio alarm systems are attractive and easy to use. Hence, they’re perfect for both Residential and Business use.  

Home monitoring in the palm of your hand. We are installers of wired and wireless alarms. These can send immediate alerts to your mobile phone if the system is activated. The alarm can link to your CCTV system for viewing on your mobile, laptop or tablet. This is extremely cost-effective as there are no annual monitoring fees to pay.  The alarm system can be set remotely from your phone too.

Intruder Alarm repair

  • Alarm system not functioning properly?
  • Does your alarm keep going off?
  • Problems with alarm sensors?

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CCTV Systems

Whether it is for your Home or Office, speak to us. Thus, Morris CCTV Security Systems design and install the latest digital networking CCTV cameras and recording equipment.

CCTV systems

intruder alarm access control

Access Control Systems

Control access to your business or property and ensure only those people who have permission to enter can have access with our excellent quality access control systems.

Access control

fire alarm

Fire Alarm Systems

We use the highest quality equipment to ensure your fire detection system can be relied on should you ever need it.

Fire alarm systems

Looking to install a home alarm system?

No matter how good your security is it can always be improved. Whether it’s adding CCTV cameras or an access control systems we can help.

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